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Stay ahead of the conversation and manage your reputation effectively. Monitor and track media coverage of your brand across platforms with real-time updates and detailed reports.

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Online News

We scan local and international online news sources to provide the most current and comprehensive update.

Print Media

Kazee partners with over 150 verified Indonesian print media to guarantee access to printed information through our trusted network.

Social Media

You’re allowed to monitor several social media channels like twitter (Including access to all twitter’s content), facebook, instagram, tiktok, telegram, discord, linkedin.


We have several different options for monitor 81 TV Channels and 7 Radio Stations.

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  • 01.

    Listen to Your Audience

    Monitoring the media can assist marketing and PR experts in spotting and understanding new market trends before they become popular. By doing this, they can adjust their products and services to better serve their audience.

  • 02.

    Monitor Your Competitor

    Evaluating media content effectiveness requires comparing it to competitors to gain insights on public discussions, brand perceptions, and discussion platforms. This competitive analysis is vital for strategizing ways to surpass rival brands' performance.

  • 03.

    Long-Term Reputation

    Managing a company's image through media monitoring is not a short task. It is a long-term commitment to ensure that your company remains positively perceived by the public and stakeholders.

  • 04.

    Measuring Reputation and Image

    Media monitoring allows businesses to track and measure how their brand is mentioned and perceived in the media. This helps them understand the extent to which the brand image is positive or negative and, if necessary, take remedial action.

  • 05.

    Geographic Preference Mapping

    Explore how where people live affects what they buy and like. Dive into this study to see how location shapes shopping choices and favorites, helping brands connect better with their customers.

It’s vital for your business to develop a comprehensive understanding of the media environment. Media intelligence reveals crucial insights and serve as a guide in all aspects of your business strategy.

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The Indonesia National Police employs Kazee Media Intelligence to track societal issues, particularly digital crimes like fraud, kidnapping, terrorism, and hacking. This tool aids in monitoring issue evolution, source identification, and communication within criminal networks like drug trafficking, online gambling, and terrorism.


Bank Indonesia harnesses Kazee Media Intelligence to better understand societal issues impacting its institution. This insight bolsters its crisis management, enabling swift, effective responses to challenges and shaping public perception, thus ensuring proactive measures for economic stability and maintaining public trust.

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Even the government agency like Indonesian Central Bank, KPK, and OJK trusts our data, making us a trusted source for businesses and organizations worldwide.


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We understand that the challenges of each business are different. Therefore, every service we provide will adapt to the needs and objectives of your problem.

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